Life’s To Do List

I have always been a list maker. Things to do today, things to do this year, things to do this lifetime. Ticking things off on lists is obviously more difficult than writing the list and my girlfriend quite often laments my inability to carry through any of the hundreds of ideas I come up with over dinner or whilst walking down the street. I am a great believer in accountability however and ultimately you have to be accountable to yourself, what did all my teachers used to say about me “only cheating myself?!” Ok so they were probably right, they normally were. So aside from holding myself accountable in the privacy of my own brain, I figure if my to do list is displayed in a public forum, I will have the shame of not being able to tick things off and working towards achieving them paraded infront of all those watching eyes as well. Looking at this kind of list I shouldn’t really need any other motivation but it all helps. I fully invite you to kick my ass if I am not doing anything to tick one of these off.

I made this list a few years ago and I think it is important to update these things as you go along, adding things that you feel are important, altering items as they become more specific. One of the things I have found I have a real interest in over the years is football stadia, something that I will most likely tackle in a seperate list of stadiums I want to visit, but it is interesting to look back at this and see if I have made any progress without any real focus as well as adding new things as they come into view

  •    Attend an FA Cup final
  •    Attend a World Cup Game – ideally England in the final
  •    Speak a foreign language well
  •    Be in a film / on TV
  •    Live in or with a view of NYC
  •    Spend a year with no fixed abode
  •    Ride a camel
  •    Ride an elephant
  •    Go on a safari
  •    Love and be loved Score!
  •    Oktoberfest
  •    Shower in a waterfall
  •    Learn to play the guitar
  •    Change someone who I don’t knows life
  •    Raise a thousand pounds for charity by myself
  •    America (so much to explore)
  •    Own a tailor made suit
  •    Own an expensive watch
  •    A white Christmas
  •    Build my own house
  •    Own my own business
  •    Have muscles (anyone who knows me well will be laughing)
  •    Drive a Ferrari
  •    Own a campervan and tour Europe
  •    See the pyramids
  •    See the northern lights
  •    Stay up and watch the lightning with my children (once we have had some)
  •    Visit all continents of the world
  •    Go whale watching
  •    Go to an airport without knowing where I am going to fly to
  •    Eat sushi
  •    Go to a drive in movie
  •    Fire a gun
  •    Wing walking
  •    See penguins / polar bears in wild
  •    Fly first class
  •    Go on a date with someone famous (Will have to be a man date now otherwise I am in real trouble!)
  •    Spend a whole day naked
  •    Edinburgh festival
  •    Glastonbury
  •    Visit as many capitals as possible and get a really touristy picture of me in all of them
  •    See a volcano close up
  •    Be amazing at snowboarding (I’m getting there slowly)
  •    Prove someone wrong

As much as anyone who works a full time job for an average salary will find it difficult to do a lot of these things, it does go to show that without focus, without being conscious of what you want to achieve and planning how to get there, the reality is that you won’t get to where you want to be. I think it is pretty apparent that I have fallen foul of this and just writing this post has been a real eye opener for me. If you can’t do the things that you have identified as things you really want to do in your life then what are you really doing with your time?

I think my list needs revising and probably splitting in to different sections and this is something that I intend to do over time. Cody McKibbon splits his bucket list into enabling goals, adventures to have and things to do and places to travel and landmarks to see. I think this is a great way to do things and I think that establishing what kind of timescale you would expect to achieve these goals within is also important. I intend to build my own house, but I am not going to achieve this in the next 5 years unless something drastic happens, however I can certainly find a waterfall to take my radox along to.This list will obviously evolve over time but hopefully we can start knocking some of them out of the park.

Top 5 Football Stadiums to Visit in my Lifetime:

1. De Kuip, Rotterdam Holland. Scene of Villa’s greatest ever victory to win the European Cup in 1982.

2. Estadio Alberto J Armando. Home of Boca Juniors, unique stadium with intense atmosphere.

3. Camp Nou. Barcelona, the best club side in the world, I have been and even sat in the King of Spain’s seat on the tour, but I desperately want to see a game here.

4. Rungrado May First Stadium, North Korea. The biggest football stadium in the world. For that reason alone it makes my list.

5. Aztec Stadium, Mexico City. This is where Maradona tore England to pieces in 1986 and also where he scored the hand of god goal. I want to see if that massive spider is still hanging around.


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