I don’t dislike work, in fact, I really enjoy reaching the end of a day having achieved something great, having ticked off some things that needed doing, or having had a real impact on something or someone. What I have never liked about work, is restrictions and a lack of freedom.

Location independence is a concept that ticks so many boxes for me and, I am sure, many many others. Making a transition, whether that be over night or indeed over a number of years might be an easy thing to do, or it might take quite a bit of negotiating, testing, begging and all manner of other things. I started my journey, and indeed this blog, a few months before my 30th birthday. Since then I have largely succumbed to my lazy nature, although in my defence, i have managed to get married and become a father, so I will cut myself a little bit of slack.

The purpose of this blog was always to document my journey to location independence, to test out some writing to see if people liked it and to have a place where i could put down my thoughts and actions so that maybe others would read and comment on them. Who knows how it may develop over time.

By the way, my name is Rich Taylor, I work in finance in London. I am married to my beautiful wife Tess and our son, Noah, is currently 5 months old and is the heartbeat of our family already. I love football, I am a very amateur photographer, I watch movies and I read loads of non-fiction material. What I haven’t done too much, is follow up on good intentions, so let’s begin…..


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