Ciao Venice! A Glimpse into the Future..

Spot the Tourists

Through a quirk of fate both Tess and I were off work this week. An unexpected but welcome surprise, and a chance to get some work done on other things. The immediate suggestion from Tess was to go to New York, clearly an awesome idea and further proof of why I love this girl, however also further proof as to why we are a bad combination of dreamers! For a moment I thought common sense would prevail and we would do a budget trip over to France to do some wine tasting and some sight-seeing, but in the end we settled somewhere in
the middle and spent four days in Venice. Having the time and the opportunity
to be able to take breaks like this are what fuels the fire for me, there are
some awesome places on earth and such a huge percentage of us will only ever
see a very limited proportion of them, I don’t want to be in that group. I
lived with a group of New Zealanders when I first moved to London and probably the main trait I love about them as a nation are that they are true vagabonders, they come over to the UK and they work hard (well, some of them do) and then use their earnings to explore Europe as much as they can, constantly popping over to another country and discovering what is there. They do this for most of their twenties and then either settle in London or they go home again. Most of us Brits will spend a lifetime working all year and use our 25 days holiday to take a package holiday to a Greek island, stay in the hotel until night comes around and then go get drunk in a nightclub.

Venice to me, came at a perfect time and gave me a real insight into why I want to do this and what you could be experiencing if you can isolate your income generation from your location. If I can get to the point where I can sit with my laptop overseeing my business, pack up and wander across San Marco square to a little wine bar, knowing that tomorrow I could jump on a train and do the next working day from Verona or Milan or wherever else, then I will know that the effort is all worthwhile. Granted it is an idealistic view, but there are more than enough examples to know that it is achievable.  The feelings from this last week are important to hold on to instil an understanding of what I am working towards.


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