First Week Of Many

It is tough to make major changes to your life at the same
time as working a full time job, having a full time girlfriend and also trying
to have a bit of a social life. This process is going to be a journey of
sacrifice as well as development, so if you are planning a similar thing then I
would get yourself in the mind-set early doors that you are going to have to
give up on one or two things that you want to do, safe in the knowledge that it
will all be ok in the end! Well, at this stage we are hoping it will be, but I
am sure you will have more of an idea as to where you are going than I do right
now, that will evolve over the coming weeks and months. Amongst the daily grind
and domestic commitments (she will love being called that), I have made a
couple of progressions this week. The main research I have been doing is
surrounding building a website as I see this as a key area of development for
me. So much of our lives are online these days and for location independence to
work, an online presence is essential so far as I can see, so I think it is
vital that I put some serious time in to make sure I can function at a
reasonable level in this area. I don’t need to be Bill Gates, but at the same
time I need to be able to present both myself and my ideas in such a way that I
can offer value to clients, whoever they may be. Thanks to a few google
searches and a bit of reading around various article comments I have set my
sights on KompoZer to start with. It is billed as a “what you see is what you
get” web design tool which should fit my needs for the time being. I haven’t
spent too much time with the actual program itself as yet but the videos I have
watched on youtube are enough to suggest that I may be able to construct something
useful with it initially and we all have to start somewhere right?! This video
was the first that I watched and used as I started an initial dry run.

The other major decision I have made is to commit to
personal development, although this blog acts as a record really of this
process, I think it is important to be able to allocate resources where
possible to this kind of thing so I am setting aside a bit of money each month
to spend purely on furthering my quest. Now, some people might be able to
afford a fair bit each month on this, so the extent to which you can take it
will be personal to you, you might be able to blow £2,000 a month on going to
listen to top notch speakers giving away their best advice, or pay to have a private
audience with a particularly successful entrepreneur. My budget is more modest,
£50 per month. I think with a combination of a few books here, the odd coffee
or lunch meeting there and a lot of dedication to finding answers, I should be
able to garner enough information to put me in a decent position on most
subjects. I will offer a bit of context here as well, I don’t have an extensive
network of contacts that I am able to call upon. The majority of my friends
work for corporations, none of them are self-employed, none of them have
followed the path that I am looking to follow and none of them have ever built
a business, this is really a start from scratch project and hopefully I can
prove that if I can do it then you really can do it also.


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